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Diving in the Philippines can be your best diving adventure of all times. Dumaguete Resorts Diving – Dauin Philippines Dive at Aqua-Landia. We are located at km 17 going south of the city Dumaguete, proper in the coastal community of Dauin. At Aqua-Landia Resort you will find fantastic dive trips to Apo island, Dauin Marine Sanctuary and Southern Negros Oriental. Our Dauin/Dumaguete tropical garden resort offers blue skies and warm waters and exciting dive packages for all levels of divers. We use the finest equipment, the most experienced guides and will take you to any one of over 32 dive site. Our Philippine diving resort is located in Dauin, Negros Oriental,Philippines.

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All inclusive class lets you experience scuba diving in a confined area and the fantastic corals of Dauin Sanctuary.  Diving in the Philippines has never been more fun then at Aqua-Landia resort. Package rates for groups or individual divers are available.

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Diving Apo Island or Dauin

Dumaguete Resorts – Dive Vacation

Diving Apo Island or Dauin are the two most popular places to experience your Dumaguete resorts – Dive Vacation. Tourist from all over the world flock at Dumaguete to travel to Apo Island. This place attracts many divers because of its fantastic rock formation beautifully scattered over the terrain. The Dauin Marine Sanctuary – another popular tourist attraction where divers are able to experience the untouched beauty of sea world which is home to 650 types of fishes and 400 kinds of corals.
Aqua-Landia resort’s dive team is made up of some of the best local guides. Experienced and highly trained in finding that perfect Dive photograph that you are looking for. Reservations can be made directly on our web page at Making Diving Apo Islands and Dauin easier then ever before.

What Apo Island Offers to the Divers?

The most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines is on Apo Island is the Chapel Point, Coconut, Mamsa, Cogon and The Sanctuary. With just one dive, the divers can see a healthy and flourishing sea life. You can see a healthy hard coral steep wall, beautiful flock of clownfish, large moray eels and shrimp gobies. Some divers also reported to see blue ribbon eels, sea snakes, nembrotha and nudibranchs.

But if you want a quieter place to enjoy the beauty of sea world then take the first opportunity to dive the Dauin Marine Sanctuary. There is almost no tourist promotion done for Dauin Marine Sanctuary and this is the main reason why most of the tourist directly flock to the Apo Island rather than stopping at Dauin Marine Sanctuary. But if you are diver, then this is a must place to stop by. Especially if you are seeking Macro.

The sea current is very still here and there is absolutely nothing the divers have to worry. Dauin has some of the area’s best Macro diving.

What Dauin Marine Sanctuary Offers to the Divers?

The moment you dive into the sea, the one thing you will experiencing is the mayhem of sea world.

The corals much healthy here at Dauin Marine Sanctuary and the divers are able to see variety of fish which include mandarin fish, pipefish, juvenile batfish, mantis shrimp, seahorses, ribbon eels, snake eels, hairy squat lobster, dragonets, wonderpus octopus, bobtail squid, blue-ring octopus, harlequin shrimp, flamboyant cuttlefish and enormous number of nudibranchs.

Best time to visit Apo Island and Dauin Marine Sanctuary

The diving season at Apo Island and Dauin Marine Sanctuary is from the month of October to early weeks of June.

The marine life is rich and healthy all-round the year but the divers should avoid the time between the month of July to September as the Apo Island and nearby areas experience strong monsoon currents.

Diving at Siquijor

Siquijor Island – A Divers Destination

by: Ron Coselman
If you are into diving under the sea then Siquijor Island which is located at 30km south east of Negros can be a paradise for you. The Siquijor Island is a mesmerizing, peaceful and non-spoilt island that attracts a flock of nature lovers who visit this beautiful tropic haven year after year. Most of this island is covered by dense jungle and forest covered hills and run down towards the coastline. With such an environment surrounded all around the island, the place purely looks magical while the mist covered hills adds tranquility to enhance this magic. Group packages are available for divers at Aqua-Landia resort.
The local crowd of Siquijor Island is very warm and welcoming. They take care of the island very well and make sure to keep the place free from all garbage and piles of debris. The roads around the beach is 100% clean and spotless and you can find a good number of fragrant flowers in most of the gardens. Being not very popular all around the world, the island attracts very selective visitors. Hence, it can be termed as an untouched island because of its peaceful, serene and tranquil atmosphere with less crowd but yet great ambiance.
Although the Siquijor Island is well-known as a diving paradise and the beaches offer a perfect set up for sunbathing, there are many different things to do at this beautiful landscape. Visit and travel up the hills to enjoy some spectacular views above the island and towards the sea. You can explore a maze of pre-historic caves in the interior where local guides can help you go deep into the heart of the system.
The Diving Sites
The Siquijor Island comprises of a total of 23 dive sites which makes it easy to explore the waters around the island by managing up to 3-4 dives every day. Out of 23, 12 dive sites are located within the close parameters of the div center. The main attraction of Siquijor Island diving escapade is its world class macro and night diving.
Let us take you to explore some of the best diving sites in Siquijor Island:
The first on the list is Paliton Wall which is an outstanding wall dive that begins at 7m deep and runs down over to 40m. The water is very clear and hence offers great visibility. Another breathtaking factor about Paliton wall dive site is that the wall has a large overhand but a cathedral like cave opening making it a major attraction among tourists and divers. The surface of the wall is covered with soft corals and fans and the site is home to different beautiful marine creatures such as glassfish, anthias, mackerels, lionfish, and fusiliers. If lucky, you can also experience solitary tuna or barracuda passing in the blue water.
The second on the list is the Sunken Island which a dive site located 10 minutes away from the dive center. The dive site begins with a steep of 10-12 m on the surface which slopes down to 35m deep as you go further. The currents are a bit unpredictable around this dive site and hence you get a chance to explore a variety of different fishes here. The dive comprises of taking a circle and slowly rise above the mount to enjoy the view of countless marine life in the water. If lucky, you can also enjoy the view of some giant turtles, barracuda and even eagle rays.
The next dive site on the list is Maite Point which is ideal for exploring macro life in the sea. Diving here can help you explore a variety of macro marine species like mandarin fish, pipe fish, Spanish dancers, nudibranch, cuttlefish, and shrimps and so on.
If you are into exploring coral reefs underwater then you must visit the Tubod sanctuary, a dive site located in front of the dive center and consists of over 170 different kinds of corals and a number of giant clams.

Ron Coselman

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Dauin

Looking for a great vacation? Try a Dauin Scuba Diving package. When you stay at our Dauin Dive resort, you will find a fantastic vacation and a great buy. Whether you are a avid scuba diver or a once in awhile snorkeler Dauin is the vacation location for you. We specialize in Scuba Diving, snorkeling and eco-tours of Apo Island, Dauin and Negros Oriental. When you get enough diving and snorkeling, we provide local tours to chase the dolphins in the straits of the Sulu Seas or snorkel with the Whale sharks of Oslob.

With over 32 fantastic dive sites to choose from. Our Dauin Scuba Diving professional guides are all PADI certified with hundreds of dives at all of our Negros Oriental dive sites. Pick a site of interest and our guides will take you there. From drift dives to marco dives. We have it all at our Dauin Dive resort.

Dauin Scuba Diving package rates and group rates are available when you contact us at.

New to Scuba diving but would like to see what everyone is talking about? Take our PADI certified “Discover Scuba Diving” Class. Learn all the terms, equipment and their uses. Start with a shallow water confined morning introductory dive and finish the day with a “Real” dine at the Dauin marine Sanctuary. READ MORE

Apo Island or Dauin Sanctuary Dive Tour

Aqua-Landia offers like every Philippine resort a dive package to Apo Island. Well preserved by Siliman University, this marine sanctuary is the premier dive local of the area and one of the top 10 in the world. You will be able to see Apo Island from the beach and will be impressed by it’s splendor and majestic peak. The entire perimeter is completely off limits for fishing, providing this dive site with a plethora of fish, giant turtles, coral reefs and more. At Aqua-Landia Dive Resort, we offer dive packages to 42 different dive sites. Our dive day strat at 7:00 am. With a hearty breakfast. 7:30am is our Dive briefing and equipment check followed by boat loading. Generally we are at sea around 8:00 am. The boat returns to the resort around 3:30-4:30pm. The staff will unload your gear and wash it for the next day’s dive. Dive trips to Simulon Island, Siquijor Island or Southern Negros Oriental are also available, but must be arrange in advance. Night dives are also available.