Enjoy a day of Hiking at Aqua-Landia Resort

Hiking Dumaguete

Mountains are the evidences of the Gods innate gifts to all mankind. These natural assets are spread out in any location in the entire world. Mount Everest is considered as the tallest but every mountain has specific distinction that let them stand out among the other.

Dumaguete is adopting Mount Talinis that isn’t virtually as soaring and elevated as Mount Everest but it will give the hikers and adventurers the same exhilaration as they hit its highest point. It will unquestionably fortify your spirit while accomplishing the summit.

Adventures in Mount Talinis

From the business district of Dumaguete, you will easily notice the presence of this marvelous mountain. Its enclosed slopes are sheer. The pinnacle is approximately less than 30 kilometers from the Dumaguete’s picturesque boulevard by the sea. Mount Talinis can be compared to Mount Marcy (highest mountain in New York) in terms of its change in elevation. So be sure that before climbing the mountain, you are absolutely physically fit and your legs can boost maximum strength. Hiking Dumaguete is a great way to see the Philippines as the locals do.

There are four major directions going to the peak, but reaching Mount Talinis can convey you the most excellent mixture of traversable and scenery land. Prior to climbing, you may hire a local guide from the little village on the slopes of Talinis especially if you are not familiar with the terrains. Accomplishing a guide can make your adventure much safer. As you start the mountaineering, you will be hiking the rocky trail which needs much of your patience and bodily strength. You will also be passing a small number of dried up plots of corn grown by subsistence farmers in the stony volcanic soil.

You will notice that after 30 minutes, the terrain is becoming much steeper. Most of the hikers here are a bit tougher, for instead of taking the trail in a straight line directly up the slope they prefer the opposite method.

While trekking the rocky mountain, you may take a break in the comfortable shade. You need to regain your energy for as you travel into the mountain, trails is becoming increasingly challenging with knotted buttress roots from the trees twisting across the path. Be sure that you are watching your steps to prevent you from falling. Using and investing on a sturdy pair of trekking shoes is important for it is highly recommended on this adventure.

The track starts to break out of the trees and curves across a slender, stony edge with unsteadiness inducing drops on any side after more than two hours of stable progress. You will be quite revitalize as you look back towards the sea, for an expansive view of Southern Negros will definitely spread out into your senses. The entire Dumaguete seems to be a tiny spot on the coastline with Cebu in the background. These stunning views can only be visible if you are hiking with fewer clouds on the sky.

Campsites can be located beside the peaceful lake Yagumyum where local fishermen can catch tilapia by only using long and whippy portions of bamboos. A quick break can energize you before climbing on the larger among the two Lakes in Mount Talinis, the Lake Nailig. You will be able to come across the balete trees which their roots are twisted and undulating into beautiful shapes.

The perfect moment on a long day of climbing is when you reach Lake Nailig. You may submerge on the refreshing water on the Lake which can totally revitalize you.

When you return to Aqua-Landia resort, you will definitely take a sleep on a serene ambiance and hooked up with the remarkable exquisiteness of Mount Talinis.

Ron Coselman

We travel by jeep 18 kilometers from the resort to our jump off point. Then a 3-4 hour hike around Mt Talinis.

Inclusive of:


  • Land transfers to jump off point
  • Taxes and fees
  • Guide
  • Sack Lunch and Bottled water.

# of PAX    RATE
1-3    Php 2,600 per pax
2-6    Php 2,500 per pax
6-8    Php 2,400 per pax